How do you turn off ability for students to comment on a video in Studio.

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When I made a video in Studio, I uploaded into an assignment and students were able to make comments throughout the whole video.  I don't want them to comment on certain videos (spelling tests etc..) How do I turn off the commenting?  

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@Chris_Hofer has told you how to do it for newly embedded videos.

If you need to remove the comments from an existing embed, you can either remove the video and reinsert it as Chris describes or you can edit the HTML of the page (use the < /> button at the bottom of the editor) and convert the type from embed to bare_embed.

If you view the HTML source for the content, you're looking for "custom_arc_launch_type%3Dembed"

The %3D is the encoded version of =, so this is really custom_arc_launch_type=embed, but is has to be encoded because it's part of an URL.

If you do not want the comments enabled, then change this to "custom_arc_launch_type%3Dbare_embed"

That's the only difference in the two: embed gives the comments and bare_embed gives just the video.

If you are not comfortable editing the HTML, then you will need to remove the video and re-embed it.

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