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How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?

How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?

In Canvas, users can embed media from Canvas Studio in any feature area with the Rich Content Editor, including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. Media is embedded using the Studio LTI tool. You can select existing media and also upload new media through the Studio LTI tool.

When embedding media in Canvas, comments are enabled by default, but you can choose to disable comments. Regardless of comments, embedded media views are always included in analytics. Additionally, when embedding media in Canvas, the download option is disabled by default, but you can choose to enable the download option.

Embedding Media in Assignments and Discussions

If you are an instructor and embedding media in an assignment or a discussion, you may consider disabling comments. For graded assignments, inline comments are not a replacement for submissions and never display in SpeedGrader. For instance, when embedding media in a graded discussion, students could post inline comments, but to receive a grade, they would also have to post a reply to the graded discussion. The discussion reply would display in SpeedGrader for grading. However, comments could be enabled when embedding media in a No Submission or Not Graded assignment.

Embedding Media as a Student

If you are a student, media you embed into a Canvas course or group is created as a new copy owned by your instructor. When embedding media, you will not be able to edit any details, so you may want to confirm the name of your media before it is uploaded. Otherwise, you can contact your instructor to modify the details of your media.

Open Studio in Rich Content Editor

Open Rich Content Editor

Open any Canvas feature area that supports the Rich Content Editor, such as Discussions, Assignments, or Pages. Click the Studio icon [1].

If the Studio icon does not display in the menu bar, click the More External Tools icon [2]. This icon appears when there are more than three LTI apps configured for the Rich Content Editor. The placement order is based on when the LTI tool was added for a course or account.

Open Studio in New Rich Content Editor

Open New Rich Content Editor

Open any Canvas feature area that supports the Rich Content Editor, such as Discussions, Assignments, or Pages. In the New Rich Content Editor, click the More Options icon [1] and then click the Apps icon [2].

In the Select App modal, click the Studio link [3].

Locate Media

Locate Media

By default, the page displays media from your collection. To view other collections, click the My Library menu [1].

To search for a video or audio file, click the Search icon [2].

Note: If you are an instructor, you can also view media uploads for your courses.

Locate Shared Media

Locate Shared Media

To embed media shared by another user, click the My Library menu [1] and then click the Shared with Me link [2].

Note: Selecting shared media from the course it was shared from will not provide the embed option. To embed shared media, open the Shared with Me collection or search for the media by name.

Upload New Media

Upload New Media

To upload new media, click the Add button.

You can also drag and drop media into the window. You can bulk upload multiple media files at a time. The maximum file size for a media upload is 10 GB.

Select Media

Select Media

Hover over the media you want to embed and click the Select This button.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments

By default, comments are included in the embedded media file.

To disable comments in the embedded media file, click the Allow Comments toggle button.

Display Download Option

Display Download Option

By default, the download option is not displayed in the embedded media file.

To display the download option in the embedded media file, click the Display Download Option toggle button.

Note: The Display Download Option toggle button only displays if you are the owner who created and uploaded the media file in Studio.

Embed Media

Choose Media

Click the Embed button.

Manage Media

Preview your embedded video in the Rich Content Editor field.

If you want to replace the existing media, delete the media from the Rich Content Editor field and access Studio through the Apps icon again.

Publish Media

Publish Media

To publish your content immediately, click the Save & Publish button [1]. To save your content as a draft, click the Save button [2].


The comments I placed in the video I saved into My Library do not travel with the video when I embed into course?

Hi @lpitchford ! That is correct. The comments under a Studio video do not travel with the video when it's embedded into other courses. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with! 



Is there a way to resize the video after you embed into a page?  It just seems to be kind of one size fits all and at times the size of the video doesn't match the formatting the teacher has set up.

Hi @kilgavizis,

Thanks for your question. You can edit the video size in the HTML editor. 

I hope this helps!


I want to embed You Tube videos into a calendar so my students can go back and rewatch them. When I embed them, the video "thumbnail" is huge! It completely distorts my calendar. I want a small thumbnail so my students can tell which video it is (they don't read yet). How do I embed a video from Studio, but get a small thumbnail?

@shelleyglee It looks like the answer right now is to edit the video size in the HTML editor per @emily_allen .  But I know that teachers will melt down if they have to see all that code.  I put in an Idea that looks like it's open for conversation.  Not sure how the ideas get voted up but here is the link.

"Regardless of comments, embedded media views are always included in analytics."

I'm not receiving any analytics from videos embedded from Studio. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your question, @RodiaR. The only potential limitation I know of regarding analytics is that it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for the data to refresh. If you are consistently not seeing analytics for longer than 24 hours I would recommend reaching out to Canvas Support so they can take a closer look.



I've embedded a recorded powerpoint lecture and embedded it on the module page but would like to now remove it. How do I remove the embedded studio video? There is not an option to delete or remove it. I don't want to delete the video from my library, just remove it from me page.

I have a question about the download option with Shared Media.  If I have shared media from a Course with multiple teachers, is that an exception to the "cannot have the download toggle with shared media" option?

I have been trying to create training videos on Studio for my district and was trying to demonstrate that limitation... however, I did have the option to enable downloads.



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