I did two videos and it says its unable to process I was wondering will it still save eventually?

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Hello @AndrianaHernand 

I am so sorry you are having trouble with your two videos in Canvas studio. 

If you are seeing Unable to Process on your Studio videos, it typically means that there was some sort of timeout/interruption that took place while your media was uploading to the Canvas studio servers. There are a few various reasons as to why this would happen. 

  • If you were uploading media that was recorded outside of Studio, keep in mind that Canvas Studio only allows media files up to 10 GB in size to be uploaded and has a few specific supported file types. (click HERE for more info on that)
  • If you suspect your internet connection was to blame for this, You could try rebooting your network. Studio has been crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments and Minimum of 512kbps is required for it to run smoothly. 
  • In rare cases, sometimes clearing the browser cache and fix odd upload issues. Here are the Canvas guides for clearing cache on MAC and PC

Hopefully this helps! 




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