Cource Pacing: Settings to ensure that default term date settings are maintained.

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Instructors often find it tedious to change due dates for their courses each term.  We have fixed term dates, rather than a flex date model.  We are looking at adopting course pacing as a means forr faculty to established due dates based on time elapsed within a term (rather than via specific dates) ex. Assn 1 due Day 7, Assn 2 due Day 14). 

Questions 1:  If we enable the new course pacing feature, what setting do we need to enable to ensure that instructors cannot over-ride our institution-wide term date settings?

Question 2:  If a term coded course is copied for use in a subsequent term, would the pacing established  move over to the copied course? (Would pacing be maintained if the course is copied?)

Question 3:  If a publisher content is imported into a course, would the course pacing feature still be usable for the imported publisher content?.

Question 4:  If an institution uses "Simple Syllabus", would the synch with Simple from Canvas still work and pick up the due dates that are calculated through course pacing?


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