Use Case: Pacing for a training site

Community Participant

I'm working on a staff training site with a lot of dense information.  I've started looking into the Pacing feature preview because I want to increase retention of that information by reducing how much information they can access in one sitting.  The Pacing feature looks great so far, but I would love to see a way to set some kind of pacing for Pages!

Currently, I can use module requirements but it doesn't quite capture what I want to do.  What I can do with modules is put each Page of information in it's own module, then use the "Lock until" option to force a employee's pacing.  However, this has a few problems like rolling enrollments using defined dates, as well as being unable to take advantage of modules as a way to organize information. 

I think the Pacing feature could be incredibly helpful for others with a similar use case if it could include restricting availability to see a Page, Assignment etc. until a certain amount of time has passed.