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Hello.  We are very excited about the plans for the redesigned Discussions tool.  Many of the features listed are ones that our faculty have needed for a long time, so THANK YOU.  Today, I am writing with some feedback on the Beta Release of the redesign.  Thus far,  the users with whom we have shared the redesign have been mostly positive about the changes.  However, there is one change that was not well-received.  It is no longer possible to expose all replies with a single click.  Collapsing the replies under a link is a great new feature, but users are accustomed to and may prefer to see all replies when reading or catching up on a topic.  It would be very helpful if there were a widget that allowed a user to expand or collapse all replies.  

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Instructure Alumni

Hi everyone, we are considering the expand all feature and will keep you all posted.

Thanks, Katrina

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