Are new feature ideas still being considered as part of Discussions/Announcements Redesign?

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Hello, I am shepherding along some feature requests re: the Discussions tool from instructors at our school and came across this user group. I saw that there were several new features added over the last couple of years, and was wondering if these are the only ones planned for the tool, or if others are still being considered?

Here are the feature requests we'd like to submit:

  1. Discussion forum that can be easily searched, where the search function searches the content of the discussion posts, not just the titles and authors. Currently, it's impossible to see if someone has already asked or answered a question in a discussion forum. For a small class, this may not be an issue, but in a large enrollment class, it can lead to a lot of noise and confusion, adding to the administrative workload of answering the same questions over and over again.
  2. Instructor endorsement for good student answers, where an instructor in the course can pin or highlight a student response to a discussion prompt that they would like other students to review.
  3. Aggregate and count of discussion posts for the entire course, so instructors can more easily review them as for grading students' participation and effort. Currently, they'd have to open Speedgrader for each discussion, and there are no user statistics provided for discussion posts.

Do these already have ideas, or should I create new ones, and if so, where?

Thank you!

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