Discussions Redesign - Major Issue

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I noticed the redesign was put into place on our campus and I noticed a major issue for my classes. Overall, I think the redesign looks great and has positive aspects, but it make it extremely difficult to track my replies. 

I try to "spread the discussion love" to all of my students. The thing that has helped me do that is the lists of posts in Date Posted order. That feature seems to be completely wiped out. Additionally, if I try to sort by newest or oldest, it sorts by replies instead of just posts. Further, if a student's post doesn't get any replies, it will stay at the top or the bottom depending upon the sort so they will likely be excluded from the discussion. This seems as if it will cause DEI issues. 

Also, the read/unread should be fixed. If I read the post, I should be able to click on the dot to mark it read. I should not have to mark the replies as read before the it shows the post is read. 

Leaving everything else the same, is there a way to have posts stay in date submitted order so the most recent reply doesn't push the posts all around the discussion?  Also, is there a way to leave the post as read even though there are new replies? 

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