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Canvas Announcements

In Canvas Announcements, will there ever be a way to prioritize announcements so that the ones that are most important can be "moved" to the top of the list?

At this point, the only way to reorganize announcements is to delete and repost. Being able to move announcements, similar to how you can reposition modules, would be extremely helpful.

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Is it possible for instructor to decide whether to allow users to reply to announcements? 

In the new redesign there is no option. I do not want students to reply to announcements since it does not indicate there is a new reply on Canvas left menu.

Community Champion

Hi @Kamal_H ,

I just tested and at our school students can't reply to announcements with redesigned announcements, despite what it shows in the documentation How do I use Announcements Redesign as an instructor.   When in student view, do you see a Reply button?  Maybe we have some other setting that's affecting this.  It appears to ignore the course Setting to enable/disable comments on announcements.


You are right. Students cannot see the reply. I just checked the student view.

I believe it is just for instructor to reply to his or her own announcement rather than editing it if needed. 

Community Champion

@Katrina-Hess  Should students be able to reply to announcements in the redesign? This is an important feature for us.