Make it possible for faculty to have threads/replies expanded by default in Discussions Redesign

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I have an instructor who tried the redesigned discussions feature this past semester. She found it to be worse than the "classic" discussions feature for her use for two reasons:

  1. She wants students to read replies to other students' posts, but is concerned they won't click the links to do so, making replies collapsed--the only possible default state in redesigned discussions--an undesirable state.
  2. She wants her presence in discussions to be easily visible to students, even if she doesn't reply to their individual posts. Again, her concern is that students won't see her replies as they would if replies were expanded by default as in the "classic" feature, because they won't click the links to view replies to others' posts.

I would like to propose an instructor-controlled setting in redesigned discussions that shows all threads in a discussion as expanded by default. As it currently stands, some of my faculty will see the redesigned discussions feature as less ideal than the "classic" version and will be disappointed/unhappy if it becomes the only discussion format available in Canvas.

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