Issue with Changing Password for Canvas Account Created via Google Login

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I am a teacher using a free Canvas teacher account. When I first signed up, I logged in directly using my Google account without going through the process of actually creating a Canvas account. I have been using this method to access my account since then.

The issue arose when I tried to log in to Canvas on my iPad, which required an ID and password that obviously, I don't have! I attempted to use the "Forgot Password" option, which sent an email with a link. However, clicking the link simply logs me in without providing an option to create or change my password.

To work around this, I added another email address to my Canvas account. This also sent an email with a link that I used to log in. After doing this, a "Change Password" option appeared in the settings section of my Canvas account. Unfortunately, it requires my "old password," which I never set up, obviously! 

On another occasion while trying to use the "forgot password" option, I received the following e-mail:

"The password for this login should have been given to you by the system administrators at Free for Teacher, and Instructure doesn't have access to your password. If your password is not working, please contact the system administrators about changing or verifying your password."

I don't know what "administrator" they are talking about! My canvas is not associated with any school, I just directly use the free canvas teacher account available onlin!

I am confused about why the "Forgot Password" option does not allow me to create or change my password and only logs me in directly. How can I set a password for my Canvas account in this situation?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

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Hello, @Atanu .

I apologize that nobody has reached out to you yet about this matter.

It seems that you're having a lot of trouble with your account, so hopefully I can help point you in the right direction.

When it mentions "administrator" for the free canvas accounts, they are referring to the staff at Instructure that run the free for teacher version of Canvas. They are the only ones with Administrative rights on FFT.

Something that is strange and almost a concern to me is that when you login and click forget password, it logs you right in. I'm unsure if that's because the device you're using already has your Google account signed in and it just syncs over, or if that's how it's actually set-up with Free for Teacher.

Since this is a free for teacher issue, I recommend reaching out to Canvas Support directly.

If you have access to your canvas account, please refer to the global navigation bar located on the left of your screen. This global navigation bar houses buttons such as Account, Dashboard and Courses. At the bottom, you should see a Help button. After clicking the Help button, a slide-out menu should appear and should include a link that says Report a Problem. From there, you will be able to select what category or urgency this matter is under, and explain your situation in more detail. Upon submission, you should receive a response back from Canvas themselves shortly after.

I will provide some additional information below for assistance, in case you haven't already seen this guide in the Community. 


Please reach out with any more questions or concerns that you have, we'd be happy to answer them!

Noah B.

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