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Training for Faculty/Adjuncts

I am the Canvas Admin/Online Learning Director/Instructional Designer at a small, private college. We have just adopted Canvas and faculty/adjuncts love it! What I need now is training over the summer for my faculty/staff. We don't necessarily want to pay big bucks for the pre-packaged solutions, and I can do the training on my own. What I would like to know is what kinds of ideas/strategies have you implemented to train your instructors?

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Kona,  I tried to open the link for the self-paced course, and got a Page Not Found message.  Is there another link you can send out?  I'm new to Canvas and am looking for guidance on how to effective build courses

I would appreciate it!


 @silverberg ​, there are so many messages to this discussion that it's not showing which post of mine you're replying to. I did notice my initial post had a non-working link, so I've now updated it, but just in case that's not the one you were looking at here's the correct link - Public Instructor Training

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Community Team

Hi Kate,

One option to consider is what we call the Canvas Challenge (which just this week we are updating).  Faculty members work through a series of daily challenges with support from a local facilitator and then at the end all meet f2f, maybe for lunch, to discuss what worked, what didn't and what parts they liked the most.   @Renee_Carney ​ can fill you in if you want more info.

That is great  @kate_hill ​

Welcome to the Canvas family.

There is a course that was updated last week called the Canvas Challenge.  It contains 10 challenges and is designed with the intention of instructors completing one a day - therefore completing in 2 weeks.  The most successful facilitations have had the challenge group come together after their 2 weeks to discuss their learning.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Totally wish something like this existed when we implemented Canvas! How cool!

Very nice to see how much Canvas has advanced just in the last two years in regards to the support they provide to new Institutions! happypanda​

There is also an Instructor Orientation course (self paced), but it is not updated yet.  Watch for it soon.

A lot of what used to live in 'What training resources does Intructure provide our clients" will soon live in the new community under Find Answers.

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Hi  @Renee_Carney ​,

Is this version of the "Instructor Orientation" the updated one or will there be another one coming that will be more updated?



This is the updated version of the Canvas Challenge!  It is the first of the courses to be updated with the new community link.  We're working on the others!

Hi Renee,

Would you be able to send me a link.  I am working on an instructor Orientation course and would like to see how you have it set up.


 @Renee_Carney ​, I tried the link for the Canvas Challenge and was asked for a username and password. I tried both the one I use for other "community" courses at instructure.com and for my institution, neither worked. There is no "new account" setup on the page. Does this page require special credentials or is there a box not clicked?

Hi John,

We are in the process of updating and in some cases moving our training related resources and courses in conjunction to the move to the new community platform.  You should be able to view the challenge course without having to create a new account.   @Renee_Carney ​, when the course is ready, please send John a good link. 


John.  So sorry about the bad link.  I forgot that version was not public.

I will send you a copy via direct message

Hi Renee,

Could you share the link with me as well? It sounds like a great way to get faculty involved in "alternative" training.


Kate S

katesprague04​  I will send it to the email in your profile!

Renee, Can you please send me the link as well?

sending it now

 @Renee_Carney ​, could you please send that to me as well?

Hi Renee!

I have had that challenge with some other links on the resource site. Would love the updated Canvas Challenge course Smiley Happy Many Thanks!

Hi Renee, could I also get that link? Thank you!

Thanks for sharing@Renee! I like how the lessons could be completed within short time frames.

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Can you send me the link as well?



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Hi Heidi,

I'm not sure which link you're referring to. If you go through the discussion, there are TONS of links and resources. I think "Page 5" of this discussion has some of the most helpful, so maybe navigate there, and see what you can find.

Hope that helps!


 @Renee_Carney ​, thank you for the course cartridge. No good deed shall go unpunished... Now that I have it I am unsure what to do with it. Is this something that has to be inserted into Canvas somehow? (I'm an instructor, not an admin.) Is there an app I need to open the .imscc file in?

Hi  @john_morris ​  Yes, you can import this content package into a Canvas course.  In the course settings, go to How do I import a Canvas course export package?​ for more info.

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Could you send me the link also?  Thank you!

I will send it to the email you have in your profile  @brendaa ​

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HI Renee - will you send me the link as well?  Thanks so much!

On its way

Renee,  Is the link still available?  I would be interested in looking at the challenge.


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Hi Lecia,

We no longer maintain an updated version of the challenge because there are so many similar courses kept up to date by community members and available is Commons.  I would suggest searching there.  If you do not have access please DM me.




I will check out Commons.  Thank you.

Hi Renee,

I'd love a copy of the Canvas Challenge as well! Thanks!

Soon we will have this available in a Resources section - for now, feel free to download the most recent update (April 30, 2015) here

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dear Renee,

Could you please send me "Canvas Challenge" copy?

Thank you,


Hi  @Renee_Carney ,

Thanks for the file!  When it's finalized, will you be posting the Canvas Challenge and all other cool content you guys create to the Canvas Commons?  Or will the resources be located somewhere here in the Community.


Sarah Smiley Wink

Hi Sarah!

Part of what is happening here is that Jive gives us so many additional options for how and where to put content than we have ever had before.  Resources that previously were added to Canvas course shells and then shoe horned in to the guides or buried in forum posts can now live in their own spaces.

Soon when you go to the find answers space in the community you will find a whole section of resources including example courses, downloadable training and engagement resources and online practice courses and overview training in Canvas - more coming soon.


Sweet action!  Thanks, Scott!

Hey Renee, this is the Challenge I was referring to using.

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Renee, is there any chance that you could send me the link for the Canvas challenf=ge course?