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What do you find most beneficial from having a Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

As we continue to look at ways to improve our CSM team, I'd love to hear from more of our Higher Ed institutions on what they find most beneficial from their CSM.

With continued growth, we are getting more and more awesome personalities and have all kinds of different approaches we take with our customers.  As I build out "best practices" for the team, I'd love feedback from the user base.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Deactivated user​, I'm definitely on team "I ❤️ my CSM!"

The amazing Deactivated user​ is my go-to guy for when I have any questions, need help, need talked down off a ledge, or just want to share something cool/funny about Canvas. Even if Ben doesn't know that answer, it's not a problem because he'll find someone who does or he'll keep researching until he figures it out! Does this mean he tells me what I want to hear, nope, not at all. Ben is a straight shooter and when it's a no (or a not a snowballs chance...) he tells me straight out. Yet, he always tries to frame it in a way that helps keeps things in perspective and/or provides me with information about what my options might be now and possibly in the future. Ben has gone WAY above and beyond more times than I can count and has earned not only my respect, but my trust as well. [The fact that he's pretty funny and personable doesn't hurt either!]

I think what makes the biggest difference for me is the personal touch. I've got one person I know, trust, and feel 100% free to contact about ANYTHING Canvas related. It's like having my own Canvas concierge at my service (except a lot cooler!).

So what do I recommend? Keep it personal, keep it high touch, and keep being awesome! :smileygrin:

Thanks  @kona ​ I really appreciate your take. Ben is top notch for sure.

New Member

I appreciate having a person who knows me and my institution, who I can trust and feel free to send an email if I have a question. Our CSM, Funmi Odegbami, has been top notch and a valuable person for us. She is extremely helpful and direct to the point. Knowing we got a dedicated CSM was a selling point when we decided to go for Canvas. Given my experience with our CSM, I don't really know what could be improved. So I guess my answer would be to just keep up to those standards :-).

I think the keyword is "Personal".

Community Member

I agree with  @kona ​. Deactivated user​ is an awesome CSM! I love that I can email him questions and get a prompt response. After previous dealing with previous horrible software support systems, we never expected to have this level of support so it was a welcomed surprise when we went to Canvas. Keep up the good work!

New Member

Our CSM escalates urgent tickets or helps us with tickets whose handling we're dissatisfied with.

[Every known issue with the ticketing system has struck us! just ask Tara Cave!]

Honestly, I no longer even bother with waiting to hear about my special tickets that I file for faculty as the Canvas admin. I simply pass them right along to our CSM to make sure they're handled well.