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Autosave "additional comments" below a quiz question in SpeedGrader

Autosave "additional comments" below a quiz question in SpeedGrader


When moving between student quiz submissions in SpeedGrader (using the left and right arrows at the top), the numerical scores are saved, but the "additional comments" fields below the questions are lost. In order to save these comments, you must click "Update Scores" before switching to another student's submission. (This is all using the "Grade by question (beta)" option -- not sure if that makes a difference.)

I've been told by Canvas Support that this behavior is intentional, but my request is that the "additional comments" fields below the questions be saved, like the numerical scores are, when switching between students, even without clicking the "Update Scores" button. It is quite natural to simply switch to another student when you are done with one, but that simple action erases (potentially) a lot of work commenting on the first student's quiz.

Originally submitted by Ezra Keshet

Also, clicking "update scores" and waiting for the refresh takes a long time. And then you still need to click to the next student and wait for another screen refresh. It would be great if the comments were automatically saved.


Mentioning Speedgrader 2.0​ in case this issue is relevant to research for that Studio project.

Community Team
Community Team​ and ekeshet

We have identified this as a bug and will be taking it out of voting.  Please seek more information on this from your Customer Success Manager

Community Member

ekeshet​ and​ Was this ever addressed with support and/or your CSM?

Because another similar idea came through:   which I think is very similar to this. And if it is, we'll need to re-evaluate to see if this is indeed a recurring bug or an idea that should be open for voting.

Looping​ and cavanagh

Community Member

I'm not sure whether it was ever addressed. My summer semester just started and I haven't had much chance to test it yet. I should be able to do that soon, as more quizzes are submitted. Smiley Happy


Please keep us updated on the status of this bug.

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Ah, it seems like a similar bug is affecting Gradebook. I would NOT

consider the original SpeedGrader bug to be a new idea -- it is actually a

bug. If anything, instead of holding voting on this new, Gradebook idea, I

would classify that as a bug, too.

Basically, any time you enter text in two places for a student's work, then

click somewhere and only one is saved, that is frustrating behavior.

Ezra Keshet, Assistant Professor

Dept. of Linguistics, University of Michigan

On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 7:30 PM, <

Community Member

I just checked today while grading a quiz in the speedgrader and the bug is still there.

When I am grading essay questions, if I enter a grade in the points box and a comment in the "Additional Comments" box, then click to see "next student," then return to this student, the points grade has been saved but the comment has not. The only way I can get "Additional Comments" to save is to click "Update Scores" after every student.

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for the update

Have you updated the ticket?


I don't think there is a ticket open since this started as a feature idea.

Community Member

Correct, there is no ticket. I noticed this happening, remembered that there was a feature idea from ekeshet​ in the old community, and copied it over.

I gather that I am supposed to ask the help desk at my school to submit a ticket now?