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Common announcement to all my classes

Common announcement to all my classes

i teach five different classes (classes, not sections! ) and I have an announcement to make to all my classes. Currently, the only way seems to be - make the announcement five times, once in each class.


Shouldn't I be able to make it once, for all my classes?

Note from the Community Team: We are aligning this with a very similar idea," modifiedt....

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Thank you for your submission​.

I certainly understand your frustration. Cutting/Pasting announcements repeatedly into a course can be a hassle. Have you tried opening your courses in separate tabs and simply cut/paste announcements quickly that way? I think that makes the process much more efficient. One of the nice things about Canvas is that you can courses open in multiple tabs.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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I do that already! But it is a pain. I (we) definitely need a way to reach

all of my (our) students at once! I do hope this feature is built into

Canvas soon.




Badari S. Eswar (Ishie)



E279 Department of Computer Engineering

San Jose State University

One Washington Square, San Jose CA 95192-0180

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This idea is now open for voting. Smiley Happy

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I have the same issue.  I've tried uploading an announcement to Commons, but it is VERY slow and doesn't seem to appear I've I've told it to import into another course.  This should be an easy fix for those of us who must post the same announcement to multiple courses.  I have six separate classes and posting the same announcement six times is tedious.  I'm considering setting up an RSS/Atom feed, which may alleviate the issue until Instructure fixes this issue. 



How does an RSS/Atom feed work?  I have the same frustration with announcements and am looking for a solution.


Brandon Brywczynski


Is there a way we can spread the word in the community about this possible fix?  I have done so at my school.  This is the first year for Canvas at my school and a lot of teachers (mainly older ones) aren't quite on board yet.  Are there ways we can spread the word to the Community at large rather than just within our schools?

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Yes!!! This is the same feature I have requested. Please let's do this!

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I agree.  I would really like this feature.  Cuttying and pasting mulitiple times to say the same thing is tedious.  I also worry that I'll forget to post it in one of the courses.

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Yes I agree and I made the same recommendation and also want the feature for emails too!

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There are situations at our university where a course coordinator may need to post a single announcement to 10-30 sections or more. Being able post to multiple courses at once would be useful in some situations.

It would also be nice to be able to select a set of courses for an announcement/email (e.g. all T sections, but not W or all ENGL 100, but not ENGL 340).