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A useful and much needed feature for courses with a lot of instructional material would be for the Pages tool to be searchable, preferably the contents, not just the titles. Even better would be a search tool with filters, that cover the entire contents of the course, including the contents of documents in the Files tool. This would make it much easier for instructors to find and update materials from term to term, and make it easier for students to locate instructional materials and activities.

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This is a very good idea!

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Thanks for the idea, @ha26! This sounds like a more specific version of this idea: Comprehensive Course Search Tool (Searching Course... - Canvas Community so I suggest leaving your vote and comments there as well.

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This would be very useful. We get a lot of requests from our instructors for this function.

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A search function would be great to easily locate material for our instructors!

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A search function would be wonderful and very helpful. So many times I have wished there was one available.

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PLEASE add a search option in Pages! You have one for assignments and modules, so why not have one in pages? I put all of my assignments on one page for each day of the week because my students are young and it's difficult for them to find/open different modules and assignments, so having a search option in pages would be such a time saver!

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Could we combine this idea with the Comprehensive Course Tool Search idea? It will be easier to get enough votes if we only have one 'idea' running.

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A search function would be helpful to quickly and easily find the course that you want.  The more courses you teach in Canvas, the longer the list of All Courses becomes and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

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It would be easier to navigate the Pages tab if there was a search bar there. As an elementary teacher especially, there are lots of pages that are needed and it becomes difficult to find a page I need to edit because we have to scroll through all of the pages. It would be great if a search bar could be added to the Pages and Modules tabs; there is already a search bar (or two!) in other tabs like Assignments, Discussions, and Grades. 

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There needs to be a search feature in Pages when you click "View all Pages". I have several courses with hundreds of pages, and I often need to search for them. I end up sorting by most recent, but sometimes that doesn't work. A search feature would be much more efficient.

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Yes, please add a search option available to everyone (students also) to be able to search within modules and other areas of the course.  I have a student who wanted to find something within a module, but doesn't recall where it is at within a very involved course.  He is aware of a Ctrl-F search on a page, but that only works after he is at the correct page.  Thank you!

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