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Over the weekend I was moving a module from the bottom of a course to the top and didn't quite make it all the way to the top.  I think I moved it over an existing module and it completely overwrote that module.  All of the assignments and student submissions were wiped out.  Is there any way to recover?  I've already tried the undelete command in the URL after course id and the files were not there.

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Hi Briggs337, 

That seems very odd, but I too have had funky issues when drag and dropping modules.   

The files, assignments and such should still be in your course.  Links on the Modules aren't the actual assignments, they are just shortcuts to the actual assignments that should still be listed on your assignments page.  Files should still be in your files.  If they were removed, that sounds like a major fail that should reported to Canvas.  

Also, because the drag and dropping of modules is quirky, I typically don't use it unless it is a small move.  For longer moves, like from the bottom to the top,  I would recommend you use the Move To option to reorder modules.  Just click on the settings button for the module and go to "Move To.... "

How do I move or reorder a module?

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I agree with @gnoack -- I've never had or heard of a misplaced drop wiping something out in Modules. I first suggest clearing your cache -- if clearing your browser cache isn't part of your regular computing maintenance, it should be. Often when something funky happens while working, it's is the result of the browser "getting confused." Simply clearing the cache and reloading the page often sets things straight. To clear your cache, in any browser, press CTRL SHIFT DELETE leave only the check on temporary Internet files (or some similar variation of labels); recommend you do this at least once a month.

If the module contents really did disappear, it should be reported for investigation. Also, as mentioned, use the right-click "Move To" -- it's much more reliable.

Good luck!

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