New Quizzes and SpeedGrader

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We have been working swiftly to make a lot of our content available online and user friendly for both students and teachers. I am very happy with most of the features in New Quizzes on the student end - things are working great for them. It's on the teacher end that things get difficult. I'm hoping that enough people can interact with this post to help Canvas to make these features available:

  1. In Classic Quizzes, when students submitted work that needed grading by a teacher, it is notated with an orange dot. When it has been graded by the teacher, that dot changed to a checkmark. Now, all submissions, whether they have been seen by the teacher or not, are given a checkmark. With over 150 students, it is incredibly cumbersome to sort through and keep track of who has been graded and who has not. This is a feature that MUST be added for New Quizzes to be user friendly. 
  2. The option to grade one question at a time would make SpeedGrader actually speedy. For instance, if only question #4 of a quiz needs to be hand-scored by the teacher, I could view all the question #4s at once instead of loading each student's quiz and scrolling to that question. I'm not sure yet if this feature was available on Classic Quizzes, but it would be an incredibly helpful feature.

If you have any great work arounds or if you know how to make these features work, I would be forever grateful! If you agree, give this comment "kudos" and we might be more likely for the Canvas wizards to take a longer look at these requests? 

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