Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (June 18-24, 2024)

Community Team
Community Team

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Welcome to the Instructure Community Weekly Highlights blog! Every Monday, we will update you with all the goings-on in the Instructure world from the previous week: community updates, product updates, new blogs to read, and everything else you'll need to know will be here!

Community Updates

Community Users Interest Group 

Community Blogs

Upcoming Instructure Live Events

  • Canvas Philippines UserGroup -Wed, Jun 26, 2024 07:00 PM MDT
    •  A user group session filled with insightful discussions and practical demonstrations.

Product Updates

Canvas Feature User Groups

Discussions / Announcements Redesign User Group

Next release: 2024-07-03


Product Blog

The Product Blog newest posts:

 Other Blogs

Canvas Credentials Blog newest posts:

Impact Blog newest posts:


Instructure Roadmap

Check out the Instructure Roadmap for upcoming updates.

Feature Updates


Change Log


See Canvas API and CLI Changes

Release Notes

Canvas Release Notes (2024-07-20)

For More Canvas Release notes, see the Canvas Releases page.

Deploy Notes

Canvas Deploy Notes (2024-07-03)

See the Canvas Release and Deploy page for additional information.



Impact Release Notes (2024-06-20)

See Impact Release Notes page for additional information.


Canvas Mobile 

Canvas Teacher

Canvas Teacher Mobile Release Notes (Android 1.31)

For more information, see the Canvas Mobile Release Notes Page.