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Kids K-3 Love Canvas


Have you ever thought "I teach K-3 so Canvas just can't help me that much."  This workshop will change your mind! Elementary students demonstrate their engagement and love of Canvas by using the available tools to create an active community as students.  Maximizing Canvas in the Elementary Classroom​ did more than share great designs and tool usage. Most importantly, it talked about how to get both parents and students to BUY-IN to Canvas and start to really appreciate and utilize it.  Deactivated user​ and​ are gearing up for a 1:1 initiative with third graders and chromebooks.  They expressed that there is a wealth of information on higher grade initiatives.  Their goal in attending this session is to learn how to mix and match the great processes and content in Canvas, work in teams, and create powerful places for their younger learners.


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It's exciting to see that Gertrude Ivory and Maria Lewis are so dedicated to making Canvas a powerful place for their younger learners!