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The Book of Math

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: The Book of Math

Online math can be uncool, with expensive copyrighted tools. Canvas blazed an LMS path, and we integrated MyOpenMath. Custom question banks galore, free algorithmic problems—score! LTI keeps the gradebook synced, embedded homework via direct link. In Park City we will share, MyOpenMath with the Panda Bears.

Presentation link: InstCon15 - Book of Math - Google Slides

Presenter: Wade James - West Shore Community College

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Community Contributor

Interesting resource, thank you so much for sharing!

Community Champion

Open course materials is a very interesting idea as it has so many benefits.  My only concern is scalability and to find the answers such as this I feel the best route is to explore the tool in a demo course.   

Community Champion

Great resource. I have been attempting to find ways to introduce more faculty to OER and elicit buy-in to using these materials in courses.  Our institution recently began mandating the use of the same text across many of the gen-ed courses.  Tools such as those shared in this video along with this new policy may just be the push to move a few courses to including OER.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi wjames​...

Do you know if the MyOpenMath LTI app can be added at the Canvas account level?  Or, can it only be added at the course level?  If at the course level, is it because the Consumer Key and Shared Secret would be different for each course?  Any help on this would be great.  We have an instructor who is interested in using this in his course(s).

Community Contributor

The LTI configuration links to a single, specific MyOpenMath course. 

So, if the “account level” is used, then all Canvas courses using the LTI will link to the same MOM course. This would be helpful if you wanted multiple Canvas courses to share the same MOM resource (eg, all Intermediate Algebra sections use the same master-MOM course).  However, any changes to the LTI settings (for example, changing the MOM reference course) will impact all Canvas courses with that LTI.

If the LTI is setup at the “course level”, then individual Canvas courses can link to different MOM courses. This would be helpful if individual courses wanted to link to different MOM resources.

I prefer the latter, which is to setup the LTI at the course level.  It's more work to setup each course, but those courses maintain independence with regard to the parent MOM course.