A few ideas for next year

Community Participant

These are a few thoughts I had about InstructureCon. Overall we had a great time and really enjoyed the meetings and events. The theme was very creative and was carried out very well. We also really enjoyed the location.


  • Consider charging a lower price for guest tickets or include swag for guests
  • Consider charging a lower price for a guest ticket for kids (who will not use the drink tickets and who tend to eat less)
  • Provide presenters with hotspots for internet access (in one of the first sessions I went to the presenter couldn't demonstrate what they were speaking on because of incredibly slow internet)
  • Better internet access in breakouts for participants (if possible)
  • Allow guests to be added under an attendee's email address/instructurecon account or do not give out email addresses of guests to vendors (I bought guest tickets for my kids and had to input a separate email for them. I am now getting emails from vendors on that personal email account.)


  Thanks for a great conference overall. Looking forward to next year!