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Learner II

Gradebook--Killing the Clicks Key Points Recap

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The Canvas Gradebook team is kumbayawesome.



Since my institution is just now begging to the conversion process, I've not had much experience with Grades yet. So beyond learning the "new" things, this was great info in general for learning gradebook.

Canvas is open source with how they get info etc .too--all the updated came directly form user feedback. Its not just about how to make canvas better, but to fix overall problems

Five main categories for improvement  (my screenshots don't want to embed, so I have attached them)

Improve Organization

Crosshairs--will help you see missing work, late, etc.

Collapse columns

Clustered tools

10 colors to highlight docs

Save Time

Grade settings coming into the gradebook!

Speedgrader preview--can see and add all the comments on items; in Beta

Automate more

Post grades lets you automatically mute grades

Can assign a grade until something is submitted and/or auto assign 0s for late work

Communicate better

Students will now just see the things they care about first and same for instructors and observers

Increase  flexibility

Ungraded and uncalculated  assignments can be made !



Grades will soon be even better!


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