High on a Mountain Top

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Whether you hike, bike, or relax as you ride the gondola, take in the breathtaking views from an elevated vantage point. Find a moment for yourself to reflect and unwind. ...then capture the amazing moment in a photo to share with others. Smiley Happy

As the 1850s hymn "High on a Mountain Top" says:

As I look at the valleys down below

They are green just as far as I can see

As I listen to the breeze
Whisper gently through the trees
I wonder if you ever think of me

High on a mountain top, standing all alone
Wondering where the years of my life have flown

High on a mountaintop, wind blowing free
Thinking about the days that used to be

Take a photograph of the most picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains you can find. Feel free to use basic editing in an app (Snapseed, Pixlr, etc.) The "winner" will be chosen on Wednesday after sunset based on (1) vantage point of the mountains, (2) composition of the photo, (3) overall sense of serenity.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams (view from my balcony)


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