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Highlights from Quizzes.Next

There are many great updates coming to Quizzes, but unfortunately they will not launch until 2017. What’s different is that quizzes will be created through LTI integration (by creating an assignment).

Some features that our faculty have been requesting will be added:

  • The ability to print quizzes
  • Extra Credit quizzes
  • Improved mathematics features
  • Likert Scale
  • Hot spot quizzes
  • "None of the above" option will not shuffle when shuffling answers
  • Vary points by answer
  • Improved reporting features for both Faculty and Students
  • Improved mobile-friendly features
  • Autograde and Regrade
  • Enhanced moderations (for accommodations)

New features that faculty will find useful

  • Quiz results are much more visible
  • Menu bar on left (for Faculty and Students) shows type of question and flow of test
  • Individual quiz questions can be aligned to outcomes
  • File upload restrictions will be added
  • Ability to add an honor code for academic integrity - shouldn't this be possible for all assignments and not just quizzes?
  • Section/page breaks

Institutions can try out in beta, but the questions are only available in multiple choice for now. Trial ends August 1.


Will it still be possible to import a quiz from another LMS?

Will we be able to create a quiz off-line and then import into Canvas?

Can we add the honor code feature to all assignments and not just quizzes?

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Community Member

I like the idea of printing out quizzes but they didn't address how you will get the data back into Canvas.  Hopefully there will be a way to import student answers.