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How do you create a personalized schedule

How do you go about creating personalized schedule?

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Community Team
Community Team

pdavis​, I've just started using the app to do that.

iOS (iTunes): InstructureCon Conference App on the App Store

Android (Google Play): InstructureCon Conference App - Android Apps on Google Play

Community Participant

I downloaded the app and see the Schedule, but I cannot find how to add things to "my schedule" Smiley Happy Am I missing that part?

I have the same problem. I figured it would sync with the InstCon registration where I RSVP'd to workshops...

chookway​, I am able to browse for items and add them to "my schedule" in the app by clicking on the event and then on the Add to my schedule button that appears at the bottom of the event description--and I would imagine that only works when you're logged into the app--but so far I've not been able to sync events I've already registered for in the Community to that schedule, because the app can't find my Community login credentials when I click on the Community link for that event (even though I've logged into the Community through the device's browser). I've made some inquiries and hope to learn more about how the app is designed to work.

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Thanks for you help. I now realize that the "Add to my schedule button" appears for Wed & Thurs events... I was stuck on adding the Tuesday events I prepaid for.

It sure would be nice if the app sync'd with the Community events list that I replied to!

Yes, chookway​, my experience is the same as yours; I'm finding that I'm not able to add any of the Tuesday events to my schedule in the app.

Thanks stefaniesanders I expected the app to sync to the Community account. However, I was able to add my events for Wednesday and Thursday.

Community Member

How do I get my Canvas Community account to tie to the App account?

I want what I selected on my laptop (and show up in My Schedule --- with all the sessions that I picked) to show up in the Mobile App.



Hey  @alh245 ​,  @pwade2 ​, chookway​,  @CWilkerson ​, and Stefanie -

The app and the community are not in sync, unfortunately. Not Kumbayawesome, I know. Smiley Sad

But these quick links should be helpful...

SEE A LIST OF EVENTS YOU ARE ATTENDING (You clicked "yes" in the community) sorted by event date.

SEE A LIST OF EVENTS YOU ARE TENTATIVELY ATTENDING (You clicked "maybe" in the community)