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Is there a printer friendly version of the schedule?

We would like to print out the full schedule for the conference for planning purposes and would like a printer-friendly version if available. If someone could direct me to that, I would so grateful!

Thank you!

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Hi!  In the past, they have made a printable schedule available before the conference begins.  It is typically after they have set the times/locations for each of the sessions.  They also usually have a booklet or app available with the conference schedule and other information when you arrive and check in.

Smiley HappyMary

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Last year, I know there was one!

After InstructureCon, I moved it to a Google Doc so I could make the title of each session into a URL to the video hosted in the Community. That way I had the description with the a glance. I was able to add notes to colleagues to help them decide what to watch next.

The printed schedule is nice to have too. Bring post-its flags or a highlighter. Smiley Happy

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Mary is spot on!

This year we will not be having a program that we hand out but we will have a PDF that you can print, if desired! #comingsoon

Thanks to so many people "RSVP"ing for sessions we were able to get a good grasp on the ones that will likely require a bigger room. We have just finalized all the details for the conference sessions. We have 90+ sessions that we have to update with the date/time/location/map so it will take some time. We will also have the Schedule Page that will be updated with all the sessions happening each day, with their time and location info!

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Kristin, would you mind sharing your google doc! I'm interested to see what you've done, here! Very interesting and creative! (i'm not surprised, coming from you!)

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 @mjohnson3 ​ and guest friend who posted this question...

I misspoke! We will not be having a pdf that you can print, this year. But there will be an app!

Also, there's a Jive Community trick that allows you to turn ANY document into a pdf. So when the full schedule has been posted, broken down by days/times/locations, you could turn the schedule doc into a pdf.

Here's a direct link to the doc... SCHEDULE (instcon16)

What you would need to do to turn it into a pdf is just add ".pdf" to the end of the document, like this...

For some reason this isn't working with our schedule doc... perhaps b/c it's so large. I put in a suppor ticket to jive, to find out why.

I haven't tried this particular option but a web browser extension, like this might be what you need and will let you turn any webpage into a PDF - Save as PDF - Chrome Web Store

I personally use the Evernote Web Clipper to turn webpages to PDF or save as an html note, on a daily basis with this app - Evernote Web Clipper - Chrome Web Store

Again, I apologize for my misinformation posted above!

Hi Jordan!

It's not the fanciest document I've ever created, but here's the link​ to a copy. After InstCon last year, I copied and reformatted the text before linking the videos. It's presented in the order of the conference. For me, that was easier because, at the time, I remembered when certain sessions landed. Now, I just use CTRL+F to find key words in the descriptions and titles.

I was able to share one copy with a small group of Tech Dept colleagues, and one with my teacher colleagues. With the Tech Department, when we watched a video, we added a symbol ( *, ^, #, etc.) so we know who has seen which videos. We also used the comments to guide others to "must sees" and implementation strategies. The copy shared with teachers saw some traffic and comments, but not as much as I hoped it would. I think it was a ton of information in one place. This year, I plan to simplify by just sending highlights in a EdTech + Canvas Updates eNewsletter I send to teachers monthly.

Like I said: it's not the greatest looking document. However, it met our needs, and the conversations it housed were awesome!

The app sounds great!  One less thing to carry, and we'll save some trees while we're at it. Smiley Happy

If you're using Chrome, you can try saving to Drive. Print to PDF is good too.

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So kumbayawesome, Kristin!

That is such a practical way to get the most out of InstructureCon and share the love with others! I was so excited to see it but the link didn't work for me 😞

So sorry Jordan! I made an edit to my reply above. It should work now. Smiley Happy