My Instructure Con Experience 2016

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My Instructrue Con Experience 2016

Blog post created by Grace Rommelfanger, RN MSN September 12th, 2016

I was privileged to attend Instructure Con 2016 in Keystone, Colorado. This was my second Instructure Con and all I can say was it was “Kumbayawesome.” The information I have gained from attending these conferences is invaluable to myself as a faculty and educator. In addition, to enhance my passion for technology.

As a member of the Nursing faculty team I have had the opportunity to learn about new or improved Canvas processes. This year has been no exception to enhance and foster my growth as it relates to all the capabilities that Canvas has to offer. In the nursing program we often view ourselves as “unique” in the way we utilize Canvas. The conference was no exception to all the “latest and greatest” features coming to Canvas.

I was excited to hear about all the upgrades and enhancements that will be made to the quizzes component. I learned more about the “Canvas” app, and questioned how many students know about this app and utilize it. Students are in a technology age, and should be aware of the mobile tools there are available. I also learned about an OneDrive folder that is integrated with Office 365. I looked at this as a “live” document that students can use when working on a group project, or doing an assignment.

These are just a few highlights from my Instructure Con experience. The tools, resources, and networking with other Canvas users was optimal to enhance my understanding and capabilities of Canvas. Hopefully there will be additional Instructure Con experiences in my future!

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