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Community Advocate

Post-InstructureCon nostalgia

This really is not related to InstructureCon, but it is worth sharing with my Canvas friends.  As it worked out, between the strange shuttle scheduling and mechanical delays, I waited for 5 hours at my gate as I returned home from Keystone.  I definitely had work to do, so I actually didn't mind the legroom as I waited to board.  I really got to know Terminal B and gate 26.

Incidentally, I had a layover this last week in Denver and I walked right past my InstructureCon gate.  I snapped the above photo and sent it to my wife.  It actually was fun to walk by, as when I initially camped out at that gate I was still in my euphoric post-InstructureCon trance.  We thought it was a funny coincidence.

Fast forward a few days and I was on my way home.  I again passed through Denver, but this time it wasn't just a stroll through the airport.  I actually had a legitimate 5 hour layover.  So I planted myself squarely in gate B25, right next to my InstructureCon gate, and waited for my flight. 

I have never paid much attention to the Denver airport other than I try to admire the interesting spiky tent (which I learned from my shuttle driver represents the main peaks of the Colorado Rockies).  I think forever now I will think of InstructureCon when I pass through Terminal B. 

Okay, back to work.

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