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Quizzes.Next: Modern Quizzing in Canvas

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit:  Quizzes.Next: Modern Quizzing in Canvas

What is the Modern Quizzing Engine all about? The answer to this question doesn't require multiple choice! Join the Canvas team to learn about the evolution of testing in Canvas.

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There is the mention in passing of an ability to do offline tests.  I.e. print out a quizz.  What will be the mechanism to get the results of a paper based quiz back into Canvas?

This is a great question that I do not believe have a specific answer for yet.  This project is still in development, and will be for some time.

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Will teachers have the ability to combine two question types such as short answer and multiple choice?

The old Hot Potato quiz  authoring tool (Hot Potatoes Home Page) had a hybrid question type. The students had 2 attempts to answer a short answer or matching question correctly before it turned into a multiple choice question.

Will it be possible to make the test adaptable based on student's responses?

I don't have a definitive answer on this,​.  I would encourage you to follow for updates as they are available.

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I really enjoyed the video from the July camping event. We are exploring a major new approach to our online testing in our college chemistry course. Our current software is dated, but is very strong in accommodating science-type questions (symbols, figures, graphs, equations, etc.), however it is a discontinued product. So the presentation included many things that we currently or need to include. I have two questions. (1) Has the editor been updated along with the quiz infrastructure? It is somewhat challenging/cumbersome to input the scientific-type questions we use. On almost every question, we need to decide whether the basic editor or the math editor is necessary, as well as including equations (from other software like Word or MathType). (2) Since the discussion talks about the future, when might some of these advances be rolled out? I heard a rumor from within our university that the summer 2017 is supposed to be a big change in quiz options. Is that a reference to the time line? I'm not looking for a date and time, but perhaps a season...?

Some of our teachers are using an app called PaperScorer that allows them to print a quiz in a bubble sheet format and scan it using their phone. Paperscorer - Home 


A recent conversation with faculty around quiz question analytics led to a question about whether you could analyze a question used across multiple quizzes/courses, which led to a larger question about what data and or analytics would be available for the Quizzes.Next engine.  Do you have any information about what views, analyses, and/or data downloads will be available with Quizzes Next?


My understanding is that Quizzes.Next will eventually replace the current Quizzing functionality in Canvas.  How will this impact viewing past term course quizzes?  Also, what would happen if a past course with the old quizzing engine is re-enabled after the old quizzing engine is gone?

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Is this vapourware?  I was just thinking that a lot of the big upcoming features that were announced at Instructurecon 2016 have not materialised a year on.