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Sign our 'Camp' Memory Book

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You don't have to have an admin role to participate, but it's the only guide we decided to print.

Yup, we printed out the Canvas Admin guide.

In case you were wondering what it would look like printed out, now is your chance. As of July 16, 2016, electronically, it has 638 pages and looks like this (double sided):


We put it in a nice white binder so it looks pretty.

Find the Admin Guide in Keystone (this is the marker part—hint: where do the Guides live?)

    • anywhere in the guide, write us a note about one of your favorite articles, or tell us about a good experience you had with the guides, or just leave a general comment about how much you love the Canvas guides
    • sign your name (legibility is a plus)
    • take a photo of your entry in our camp memory book; upload it as a reply to this marker challenge

All entries will get the +10 points for participating, but the best/most inspirational/funniest (basically our favorite) entry will get the extra +25. Make it count!

Canvas Guides Trivia

As part of your reply, just for fun, try guessing the answers to these questions:

  • How many guide lessons were updated in the Canvas release on July 16, 2016?
  • How many unique lessons are in the Canvas Guides?
  • How many lessons are shared for all user roles? (Observer, Student, Instructor, Admin)
  • If we were to print it out (which we won't because that's ridiculous), how many pages are in the Instructor Guide as of July 16, 2016?

On behalf of the entire Canvas Docs Team, we heart you.



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Community Team
Community Team

I found it! ...and the printed version is an impressive amount of paper!

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