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Submit Gradable Work Anonymously to Instructors

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Keli Amann

Stanford University - HigherEd

Canvas can hide student identities from teaching assistants during grading, but not from instructors and not from uploaded work. We are building a tool for our law school to allow their students to submit work tied to a blind grading ID, which will enable instructors to grade work without knowing who submitted it.

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Hi, thank you to everyone who came today. As mentioned, when our developers are done cleaning the code, we will make it available--details will be posted here. However, if you attended (or watch the YouTube video when it's posted), then you know this tool may not fit your school's use cases, which are probably diverse. In the long term, Canvas might be able to support your use cases better --as far as I can tell, there are only two improvements that feature option Canvas Studio: Anonymous Grading  would need to make to be truly anonymous.

When Anonymous Grading is on, don't add student name to filename in bulk downloaded files

Completely Anonymous Grading, Persistently Blind Grading

As I discovered just today, these have both moved from the "Open for Voting" phase to the "Gathering Info" phase, so you don't have to vote them up but I think it might be useful to describe your use case by replying to my latest post on Completely Anonymous Grading, Persistently Blind Grading​--this might be taken into account as the product team is doing their research.

Explorer III

This was a good presentation. I look forward to the video being made available so that I can share it with our law school to determine if ​Stanford's tool would work for our use case.