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Will InstructureCon 2016 session videos be posted to the Canvas YouTube channel in addition to being available in the commons?


I have never been to InstructureCon but have loved having a virtual conference by watching the sessions on YouTube when release. i was wondering if this year's sessions would be available on the Canvas YouTube channel. If so, any idea of a time frame?

as alway, thank you for being so accessible and transparent

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Community Coach
Community Coach

mohammam, yes, they will get posted to YouTube and normally it's at least a couple of weeks or so after the conference until they get posted. You can follow their YouTube channel and that way you'll get notified when they are posted. Smiley Happy

In addition, all video are also posted in the Community and for 2016 will be found here - InstructureCon 2016 - under video (you can also follow this area of the Community to get notified when the video are posted here).

Thank you so much! Looking forward to it.

Me too! I wasn't able to attend this year and it looks like there were some great sessions!

Community Member

I found the InstructureCon 2016 videos here -

CanvasLMS - YouTube

I've been digging in made a playlist as they keep adding more.