10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 10. Pinned Tweet

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And here we are... the last day of the 10 Days of #InstCon Twitter. Some people are already on their way to Colorado, but I'm still here in NC, ready to pack this weekend and then fly out on Monday. For this last post about the power of Twitter, I wanted to encourage everybody who is participating in InstructureCon this week, either onsite or at home, to pin an #InstCon tweet to your profile. It's easy to pin a tweet: just click the top right menu button of any tweet in order to pin (or unpin) that tweet from your Profile. Here's what you'll see at my @OnlineCrsLady profile:

screenshot of pinned tweet at Twitter profile

I'd also encourage everybody to take a minute to update your profile too: just adding a few words about yourself, along with a link to a website or blog or course site is very helpful for people connecting with you at Twitter!

And if you're looking for a panda meme maker, I have a Padlet of Cheezburger Pandas you can use here; that's how I made the "Connecting the Pandas" image and also the one below. Just click on the pink link to go to the Cheezburger page and make your meme.

Panda waves_ see you in Keystone and online too

And ICYMI here are my Twitter 10 leading up to today:

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4 #StepsforBeth

5 #SoloPandas

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