10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 8. Twitter Tips

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When writing a post about Twitter Photos yesterday, I included a tip about how to turn on alt-text for images ("image descriptions") via the Twitter accessibility settings, and today I wanted to share a collection of Twitter Tips that I've been bookmarking at Diigo; you can also browse the tips in my InstCon Twitter course. I've included a range of different tips there, some of which are intended for Twitter beginners while others are for people who ready to up their Twitter game; this is a Diigo-powered RSS feed, so it means that whenever I add a new Diigo bookmark tagged #TwitterTips, it shows up automatically in my Canvas course. 

Twitter Tips: InstCon Remote Control 

screenshot of Twitter Tips in Canvas

Twitter is a great space where educators can connect and share, which means it's a way to extend those #InstCon conversations to wider audiences.

And on the subject of curating and sharing resources, I wanted to also share a FABULOUS article from Jennifer Gonzalez at Cult of Pedagogy: just look at the sushi examples there for the before-and-after power of curation! Diigo is my favorite tool for that, but Jennifer also lists lots of other tools; I'm guessing they integrate nicely into Canvas just as Diigo does. 🙂

Are You a Curator or a Dumper?

sushi resources showing raw links

sushi resources annotated

And ICYMI here are my Twitter 10 leading up to today:

1 #InstCon and the InstructureCon App

2 Twitter and the Panda Drone

3 #InstCon in your Twitter profile

4 #StepsforBeth

5 #SoloPandas

6 Wakelet

7 Twitter photos