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Agent K

Who I have encountered seems to have become even more important to me this year, than in any of my previous 5 InstCon gatherings, and than any presentations I have attended this year except maybe for the industry disrupting intel from Mitch Benson and Jason Sparks yesterday afternoon! But then, I attend fewer and fewer presentations every year. It is not that the presentations are not good, because they continue to address a broad spectrum of needs from K-12 to Higher Ed to the relatively new industry users, from established to emerging technologies, from new users to experienced to well seasoned old codgers, from teacher-centric to admin-centric; and with an even more balanced spread than ever before. No, it is simply that I seem to learn most from our users and their experiences in all those categories mentioned above. And perhaps my experiences in this truly awesome and powerful Community have changed my perspective to be more user-centric which so accurately describes the culture of Instructure and is the driving force behind Canvas!

I think what has most profoundly impacted me this year are our international folks I have encountered in my meanderings, and at every level - users (both teachers and admins), Canvassadors, and Instructure staff from seemingly across the globe! I know this is incomplete, because I have met so many new folks this year (the story and witness of Canvas' growth) I have met six folks from Brazil ,three of which are Canvasadors and who have shared that they traveled with a user from Peru. I have met English, German, Swedish, French and of course Australian members of our global community. Perhaps my most interesting and rewarding encounter was a nice long chat Tuesday with a Belgian who teaches at University in Vietnam, and that University is a branch from Australia! It does not get get more global than that, and surprisingly enough I met the Canvas admin last night from that main university in Australia! Why was my encounter with this young and enthusiastic Belgian so interesting, it is because he brought me a new question, a new challenged in making Canvas work for him and his courses - this is what those of us in this Community love most - a new challenge we can gnaw at until we find an answer, which is the other thing we love most in this Community - finding the answers!

It is because of the questions they bring and the solutions their questions generate, and exciting perspectives they share that has made meeting and talking with our growing international community  so important to me this year!

And yes, it has been so dang good to meet up with all my old friends (too numerous to mention), chatting with the always friendly Instructure staff - originals, long-standing and an incredible number of newbies (a shout out to Deactivated user‌ and Mitch McClain), my fellow Community Coaches and Managers, our CSMs both old and new, and of course the seemingly hundreds of new friends I have made this year.

It is you, our Canvas Community, that makes my InstCon the rewarding experience that I look most forward to every year and all year!

Now it is time to throw on more vintage swag and get ready for our final day,

Agent K signing out!

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  • TITLE: I have to many, and that would just be bragging. Okay, let's face it I love to brag so here goes: Canvas Admin, eLearning Coordinator, Instructional Designer, online Teacher, Washington State eLearning Council member, Canvas Community Coach, Canvassador, and finally but not least - Curmudgeon!
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Clover Park Technical College, Tacoma Community College, and Grays Harbor College

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Walking, talking (OMG), living, breathing icebreaker!

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Loud and often boring in his enthusiasm for all things Canvas and Instructure.

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Community Member

The international growth is such a striking feature of what is going on with Instructure right now; I am really glad to hear about international presence at InstCon.  I hope you have another great day of global connecting!!! 🙂