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Canvas Training with No Computer (well....sort of!)

I cannot believe it’s been nearly a week since our InstructureCon session and a week since we were out at Keystone. It was an amazing experience!


I’ve created a little video recap of our time out there and thought I would also add our presentation to the community. Hope you enjoy it!

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I love your recap video!

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Super video recap - thanks heaps  @paul_towers .

I'm fascinated by the title of your session 'Canvas training with no computer'

Are you able to share some ideas here from it?

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Hi Bobby

I’m happy to share more. During our Canvas project and roll out we wanted to focus on the cultural change element rather than the technology. We believed that although Canvas is a wonderful tool, it is still a tool. The focus was on the pedagogy rather than the technology. With this in mind, our first sessions that we delivered (firstly to our early adopters and then to the whole university) were called Canvas4learning. These were disciplined discussions were we asked our staff ‘what do they want to do with their learning and teaching?’ And ‘how do they want to teach on the new LMS?’ They would then feedback and we could deliver a customised demonstration of how Canvas can support them in THEIR needs. Then the academics could attend training with an understanding of what they wanted to do. If we simply showed all the ‘bells and whistles’ Canvas could offer, I think our staff would be too overwhelmed. It had to be benefit their Learning and teaching needs. 

I created an additional video for a blog post for ALT (Association for Learning Technologists) but I would be happy to talk more if need to. 


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 @paul_towers this is gold! Pure gold.

So much food for thought.

This has been floating around in my brain lately. How to sow the initial seed and really nurture it without scorching the earth so the seed shrivels up. 

Thank you - again!

Great recap, Paul. I’d love to hear more about your efforts to address cultural changes necessary to support new tools or ways of teaching — I suppose I should start with your InstCon18 session as soon as it’s published!

Thank you. Hopefully i'll get to recap next year!

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Thank you so much for your recap, I very much enjoyed it!

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Thanks for adding this Paul, it's great to see a UK HE perspective from Instructure Carn 2018. Looking forward to Instructure Con in London!