Embedding Content in Canvas, or: How I Learned to Stop Being Bland and Make My Content Amazing

Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm excited to be presenting at InstructureCon 2018. It's one of my very favorite conferences, and this year I get to present a very fun topic: how to embed content into Canvas like a rockstar (or ringmaster). We will discover the latest educational technology products and strategies to improve student experience by bringing teaching to life and fostering a community of learning within the classroom.

Embedding content into Canvas is when you place code from another website into your course content page. This session will showcase educational technology platforms that you can use to enhance your online and blended course content. Learn about the latest developments in the ed tech community and discover a world of free and cheap (with educator discounts) resources. Also, learn about some of the more professional platforms and interactions that are available through licensing. You will come away from this webinar both informed and inspired.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover various ed tech platforms and resources that you can use in your courses
2. Learn how to integrate ed tech tools into Canvas

Thursday, July 26 at 10am in Gray's Peak 1

Session Details 

As part of the Canvas Community, I would also like to invite you to collaborate with me on this presentation. I would very much appreciate comments on this blog post: are there any ed tech platforms that you use that you think are awesome and worth sharing or is there anything that you would like to explore? I would be happy to research and cover the interests of the community as I refine this presentation.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash