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Community Coach
Community Coach

Embedding Content in Canvas, or: How I Learned to Stop Being Bland and Make My Content Amazing

I'm excited to be presenting at InstructureCon 2018. It's one of my very favorite conferences, and this year I get to present a very fun topic: how to embed content into Canvas like a rockstar (or ringmaster). We will discover the latest educational technology products and strategies to improve student experience by bringing teaching to life and fostering a community of learning within the classroom.

Embedding content into Canvas is when you place code from another website into your course content page. This session will showcase educational technology platforms that you can use to enhance your online and blended course content. Learn about the latest developments in the ed tech community and discover a world of free and cheap (with educator discounts) resources. Also, learn about some of the more professional platforms and interactions that are available through licensing. You will come away from this webinar both informed and inspired.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover various ed tech platforms and resources that you can use in your courses
2. Learn how to integrate ed tech tools into Canvas

Thursday, July 26 at 10am in Gray's Peak 1

Session Details 

As part of the Canvas Community, I would also like to invite you to collaborate with me on this presentation. I would very much appreciate comments on this blog post: are there any ed tech platforms that you use that you think are awesome and worth sharing or is there anything that you would like to explore? I would be happy to research and cover the interests of the community as I refine this presentation.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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Community Champion

I am so glad you are bringing the SEAN NUFER ROADSHOW to InstructureCon!!! And I will be there IN PERSON to cheer you on, snufer‌! Yay!!!

I just got my summer project up and running Canvas with some embedding tricks, and I've vowed to write up a how-to page for everything I am doing by way of embedding/redirect tool in this space:


So now, as I add new Pages that have any kind of embedded content or similar Twitter magic, I will add a how-to page. Here are the how-to pages so far 

How-To Index: StoryLab 

I wonder what new things I will get to learn about from you this summer!!! 🙂

New Member

What an awesome topic to see presented snufer‌   You might also be interested in how the Grav CMS can be used 'chromelessly' (i.e. without standard global website elements) to embed not only Grav-based content but other content/elements that Canvas does not usually permit.

If the above sounds of interest I've shared more info here: 



Community Champion

Great conversation starter snufer. Lucky conference attendees! I hope your session is recorded for those of us Down Under. 

As a Canvas Newbie I feel a tad unqualified to share bells and whistles BUT I love the simplicity and gloriousness of embedding the loveliness of padlet and Sway. 

Following this discussion with great interest!

laurakgibbs, we should definitely connect before InstCon to share ideas.  I'm hot off an extended FMLA leave, so still getting my bearings as I rub my eyes squinting into the beaming reality of the real world again.  But I'll reach out in a week or two and try to pick your brain.  I'm glad you'll be at the conference!

Community Coach
Community Coach

That does sound interesting, and it looks useful on the demo course on that post.  I'll review your links and check it out some more.  

Community Coach
Community Coach

Bummer that you'll miss out.  I hope you can attend an InstCon sometime; they're amazing events.  stefaniesanders, do you know who we can ask about which sessions will be streamed or recorded?

We have had tremendous success embedding padlet and Sway into our courses, so I'll definitely share some of those ideas with people.  

Community Coach
Community Coach

I meant to post a comment and am just realizing that I never did so.  I wanted to list off the platforms that I am thinking of showcasing.  In terms of embedding content, these seem to be the low hanging fruit, and I want to make sure that this session is beneficial for new adopters, but also useful for the veteran Canvas users.  Here are some good platforms we can cover:  

PinterestTwitterFacebook (posts and videos)
News articles and videosEdPuzzleVoicethread
ThinglinkInfographics (,, piktochart, visme)Vimeo
Poll EverywhereGoAnimate, Moovly, or PowtooniSpring
Quizlet, Kahoot!, or QuizzizzNearpodPanopto or screencast-o-matic

I know that sounds like a lot, but I'll whittle it down.  Even so, I expect that the presentation will gain momentum.  I'll dedicate a good amount of time up front discussing the concept of html and embed code, then I'll walk through how to find embed code and how to place it on a Canvas page.  Then I'll demonstrate embedding several sources into a Canvas course.  Once we get the hang of embedding then I'll progress through various platforms at a more rapid pace.

I created a course that I will use for the session.  It's a work in progress, but feel free to take a peek:


In addition to commenting here on this blog, if you are interested in offering an opinion about which platforms are covered, then you are welcome to participate in the activity below.

Community Champion

It would be great to brainstorm -- anytime! I'm really excited about this conference too. It's such a great opportunity for me. Summer is always fun, and this will make it even more fun! 🙂

snufer‌, thanks for tagging me; you've come to the right place. 🙂 All InstructureCon sessions are recorded, and the Instructure-led keynotes will be live-streamed. (Here's the InstructureCon 2017 video archive.) As to whether other sessions might be streamed, that's still TBD.