Day 02 - An Ace Sees Miss Stimtron

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TL;DR - It's gonna be awesome! Contact your CSM for info on getting access to the Beta Version.

[An Ace Sees Miss Stimtron - anagram for "Assessment Is Not A Crime"]

Deactivated user, Senior Product Manager - Assessments, Instructure


The session started off with Deactivated user telling the story of how he learned that in order to be successful you had to do something that you can put your whole heart into & that each day you are giving of your self to make something better. Then he introducing the extensive Quizzes.Next team as seen below.


We jumped right into a live demo of the new quiz/test tool (we don’t just give quizzes, now do we). It is an LTI and when Quizzes Classic is sunset, the Quizzes menu option will be removed. There is no set timeline for this yet, but will be very communicated to prepare for the change.

He then showed the creation process, detailing that many of the setting are the same ones we are familiar with on assignments currently. Other settings are available in the actual quiz/test build process.


Instead of writing several questions while we watched him, Jason smartly showed off the ability to quickly import a QTI file via a drag & drop modal. He then demoed the ability to expand, preview & reorder questions from the left panel, as well as in the main edit window or with keyboard options highlighting their focus on accessibility.


Near the end of the session, Jason answered some FAQs, but I felt that the answer to what question types are available fits better at this part of my recap. Here is what they include:


Jason then displayed the powerful set of options for the new Hot Spot question type by using a free draw tool to outline the state of Texas (seen in the banner image at the top of this post) as the answer to a question. Other settings include:

  • give correct, incorrect & general feedback
  • edit the point value of the question
  • select “all or nothing” or partial points for certain question types (this wasn’t specifically mentioned but was available in the beta testing I did a few months ago & I saw the option quickly on screen)
  • align multiple outcomes to individual questions
  • randomize the answer choice with a bonus ability to lock certain answer choices into the place you want them to appear.

This last option is great, as you can now randomize answer choices and lock in a “none of the above” or “all of the above” selection into the last choice.

Next we moved to adding question to the quiz/test from a bank into a randomized group where there were 2 question randomly pulled from the 15 question group and set the point value for them, much like you can do with the current groups. The new trick here though, was that on the settings you can now select to shuffle all questions, including the ones in the group. The other setting that were not in the initial set up appear in this settings area. New in these setting is the ability to require time between attempts on multiple attempt quizzes/tests.

Missing, for now at least, are the options for a deciding what student may see once they have completed the quiz/test. This will be coming according to Jason while he demoed taking the quiz as a student & showing how they see the results.

Essay questions will have the option of allow a Rich Content Editor, Spell Check, to Show Word Count, & Set Word Limit (both min & max). The word limits are only informational and will not prohibit a submission. It will however notify the student that they are over/under the set limit. The instructor will also be able to see an indicator badge to notify them of the word count. Another nice option on Essay questions is the ability to add “Grader Notes” to inform/remind of the key concepts that the grader needs to make sure are being addressed in the essay while they are grading.


They last thing Jason showed was a cool question using an animated GIF file in a hot spot question. I got a quick video below.


Finally he did a quick run through of the additional things that are coming soon, including:

  • enhancements to the Item Banks (tagging, permissions, sharing, outcome alignment)
  • regrading
  • honor codes
  • next-generation item analysis
  • on-screen tools (calculators, etc.)
  • frame works for adding 3rd-party integrations
  • surveys

Contact your CSM if you are interested in being a Beta Tester. Other than contacting your CSM, no other timeline was given.

This was an excellent session and I am really excited to see this when it rolls out.

*Please feel free to correct any mistakes in the comments below. No agent is perfect.