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InstCon 2017 Notes - All Sessions

Note: Apologies, but the schedule was removed before I had a chance to note all of the presenter names, so I'll update this with the appropriate @ mentions as soon as the session info is available again. Thanks a TON to all of the presenters for sharing!

Sessions Attended

I'm just a little too swamped to parse my notes from the various sessions into separate posts, so here is one big post with all of my most salient notes from most of the InstCon sessions I was able ...:

  • Building Culture: Adjunct faculty success and connection
  • 1-1 teaching: Challenging perceptions and transforming pedagogy
  • New Gradebook: Phase 1
  • Canvas network as an innovation sandbox: designing, testing, and evaluating new teaching and learning approaches in a MOOC
  • Introducing Canvas Teacher: The next step in mobile
  • Data Visualization

High-Level Summary

  • New features coming to the gradebook and the teacher app are awesome, and I can't wait to start playing with both.
  • Olivet University & the Royal College of Music in London both have totally different and really interesting approaches to developing their faculty's capacity to teach and build course content in Canvas (and RCM had some really cool ideas about enhancing instruction with teacher-created videos).
  • The Canvas Network is a great place to experiment with different types of course content and delivery structures before incorporating those ideas into credit-courses (and it doesn't hurt to have a corporate partner either).
  • Data visualization is hard, but when it's done well, it looks easy. 

Thanks everyone! Please reach out if you have questions about anything or want to correct one of the many mistakes I've surely made in my hectic note-taking! 

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Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for posting this synopsis in the Community,  @kub26 , and for the link out to your blog post! Please note that  @smoore2  and  @jlvankley ‌ have posted their session resources here in the Community, at‌.

Community Participant

Thanks, for posting,  @kub26 .   @smoore2  and I would be happy to talk further about what we presented in Building Culture with Adjunct Faculty.  As well, I'd love to hear your takeaways from RCM -- I didn't catch that session.