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Our first InstructureCon and Oh Boy was it good!!!

What a week it was!!! Filled with wonderful ideas, creativity, interesting insights, developments and a real sense of community. Myself,  @h_cooper  and Gareth Kirk from the University of Wolverhampton, England were lucky enough to come along to this wonderful event. While we were there we tried to capture our experiences on film. We also wrote our own blog so our own institution could benefit from this amazing conference.

You can follow us on Twitter to watch the Canvas adventure continue @WLV_CoLT

 Day 1. Tuesday 25th July

Day 2. Wednesday 26th July

Day 2 Cont:  Presentation Rap up!

Day 3. Thursday 27th July

Final Round up!

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 @paul_towers . this blog is awesome! I love the daily recap videos. I found myself pretty overwhelmed with information and wish I had done a daily round up such as this to help consolidate and construct my thoughts in a more concise manner. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and being part of the InstructureCon insanity. Hope we can catch each other next year! The fact that you came from overseas is awesome! Hope jetlag didn't kick you in the butt too badly. (I'm in the same timezone and I was WIPED from the conference. hah!)  Nice Work on this post. 

PS - What software did you use to edit? I really like the intro animation for your university logo.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @paul_towers 

I have been chatting with  @h_cooper , and she shared your YouTube and Blog links.

You really did a nice job on both the videos, and the blog - I could almost feel the bug bites! It was very nice meeting your team at InstCon, and I hope you folks make it back next year.


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Thank you so much! It was such a manic time, we found it difficult to keep on top of it ourselves. It was a fantastic experience and i'm hoping to go back (fingers crossed.) The jet lag wasn't too bad, it was the 27 hour delayed flight which more of a pain - there was a problem with engine, so i'm glad we stayed an extra day.

The software I use is Adobe Premium Pro and it's the first time I've used it (it's the first time i've edited any video), but I'll be honest our Marketing team created the opening sequence and i'm not sure what they used.

Thanks again and hopefully see you next year! Smiley Happy

Community Participant

Thank you Kelley

Poor  @h_cooper ‌ with the bites. She really suffered for Canvas that week! LOL

Scarred for life but totally worth it Smiley Wink

Thank you, Kelley! Aiming to publish the blog posts for day 2 and 3 this week, so keep an eye out Smiley Happy

It was great meeting you!

I've done long delayed flights such as that (back and forth from Sydney) and it's absolute misery! Yikes! Sorry to hear, but glad you all arrived safe! I'll do some research on Premium Pro, it looks great and did the job well! Nice first go. I wouldn't have known any better Smiley Wink 


Community Team
Community Team

This is such a wonderful blog post,  @paul_towers  Nice Work! Right off the top, you mentioned one of my favorite collections of resources--the Canvas FastTrack Series --and even specified my favorite entry in the series,  !