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Partners are Back in the Conference Center!

As an exhibiting Partner at InstructureCon, we are thrilled that AspirEDU - Member | Instructure Partner Directory and all of the other partners will have our Exhibit Hall back in the Conference Center this year!

If you remember last summer, the partners were exhibiting outdoors near the Adventure Center.  This location was less convenient for attendees that wanted to pop into the Hall for quick conversations.  So HUUUUGE thanks to Instructure for getting us back in the main building.

As Kim and I talk to schools, we hear a consistent theme about Canvas -- there is no LMS that makes it easier to integrate with third party solutions, like our Dropout Detective, Instructor Insight and Retention Radar.  We hope all of the attendees will take a few minutes (or more) this summer to talk to all of the great partners about the value we can add to your Canvas experience.  See you there!

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Community Team
Community Team

Looking forward to seeing you and Kim in a little over one month from now!

Likewise for us!  Always great to catch up with you, Tara, Jace and the team.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @Chris_Munzo , can't wait to see all of you!!!