Stepping up the #stepsforbeth

Community Team
Community Team

WONDERMENT; a state of awed admiration or respect.  

This single word exemplifies how we  feel about the humanity of this Community!  


So many of you have responded to the Panda #stepsforbeth call to action panda posted a few days ago in support of  @BethCrook .  Thank you Community Panda, and thank you Community, you got our attention! In response, we’d like to, well, step up this challenge.  We looked at your average steps this past three days and It could be a leap, but we think you could collectively acquire 6 Million (dramatic pause) steps in 31 days!  

If you collectively make over 6 Million (another dramatic pause) steps over the 31 day challenge, Instructure will commit to providing a physical therapy machine that Beth has chosen to help her in her next steps of recovery!

There are still spaces available in the step challenge, so tell one and all, and, in the spirit of InstructureCarn, step right up!