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Community Team
Community Team

Stepping up the #stepsforbeth

WONDERMENT; a state of awed admiration or respect.  

This single word exemplifies how we  feel about the humanity of this Community!  


So many of you have responded to the Panda #stepsforbeth call to action panda posted a few days ago in support of  Thank you Community Panda, and thank you Community, you got our attention! In response, we’d like to, well, step up this challenge.  We looked at your average steps this past three days and It could be a leap, but we think you could collectively acquire 6 Million (dramatic pause) steps in 31 days!  

If you collectively make over 6 Million (another dramatic pause) steps over the 31 day challenge, Instructure will commit to providing a physical therapy machine that Beth has chosen to help her in her next steps of recovery!

There are still spaces available in the step challenge, so tell one and all, and, in the spirit of InstructureCarn, step right up!

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Explorer II

Oh my gosh! I'd better go around the block again!

Adventurer II

This. This is what makes all of the difference. This is a true community. Now excuse me while I go walk around for a little bit.

Community Member

*Sniff* This is the coolest thing ever. I was pretty hardcore with the challenge last week, and was thinking last night "Yeah, there's no way I can sustain that level of step activity". But for this? I'm gonna try.

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OMG! This is amazing!

Thank you, Instructure, for committing to help our Panda Friend!


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Saturday morning, just a bit after 6am I'm in the car on the way to Baltimore for my weekly 3hr physical therapy and checked email and saw a ton of "you've been mentioned in a tweet" and got a little worried.  Then I started reading them and told my mom "What in the world is going on?" and I jumped over to this new blog, and I was speechless.  Literally no words.  And I still can't come up with anything worthy of just how blown away I am.  I feel like most people are probably just rolling their eyes with "yeah, yeah, it's been a year of this, just recover already."  But you all have made me realize the complete opposite.  I still have support.  And I still have a cheering squad.  And your support is actually pushing me that much harder to move.  

I cannot wait to see and meet (in person) each and every one of you!!

Community Coach
Community Coach


Can't wait to meet you in person as well!

Community Team
Community Team

Well I goofed and severely underestimated all of you!  On day 10 of a 31 day journey you've all stepped 3,255,045.  I can't wait to see what you do this weekend!  Keep up the #stepsforbeth

That's amazing! And now, if you'll excuse me...


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

This is a bit what PT looks like.  Actually, I lied.  This is what my husband does every night trying to get me upstairs to bed.   "5 more babe, give me 5 more...4 to go...don't you give up on me now!"