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Community Team
Community Team

ARC + Live 360 Video = > Student Engagement

 @rbagent ‌

Live 360 video of class sessions helps reduce distance-student disconnect. Making recorded sessions available using ARC allows us to take interactivity to the next level. Students are "in" the classroom discussing topics with classmates and instructors. Find out how we did it—and how YOU can do it too!

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Hi team, will we be able to host 360 videos directly in Arc/Studio in future? Would prefer not to host content on Youtube.

I actually just uploaded a few 360 videos yesterday to test this and unfortunately they retained their equirectangular format.  Importing from YouTube did function correctly.  I know you want to steer clear of YouTube and for now it's an extra step, but if you do that then you get all the functionality of Studio, such as commenting and analytics.  You could keep your YouTube content unlisted.