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Anyone with lightboard experience?

Hi there fellow carnival-goers!  I'm wondering if there's anyone attending this year who has experience with lightboards (learning glass, other brands, or custom built).  We are looking into getting one for our institution, but it's somewhat hard to know what to actually buy (are some brands better, what size, etc).    With the units being in the $3k-7k range, it's rather large investment for us, and we don't want to end up spending the money on the wrong product.  If you have/use a lightboard, I'd love to perhaps arrange a time to meet up for 10-15 minutes to hear about what you have and your experiences using it so we can make a better-informed decision on what direction to go here.



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Learner II


If you see this contact me and we can meet up.

I did this 3 years ago.

Explorer III

I know that InstructureCon is over, but we have a lightboard in my department and I can ask the person in charge of it if they'd be willing to reach out to you, if you'd like.