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Community Team
Community Team

Lessons Learned From a Year with Blueprint Courses

Linda J. Lee

Blueprint offers the potential to save significant time in site setup, while ensuring consistency across courses. But when is it the best choice? We'll share lessons learned from Whartons Blueprint pilot, including successful use cases, instructional design considerations, and strategies to avoid problems with group assignments, modules, and LTI tools.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @lindalee our insight here has been super honest and helpful. Consistency across schools is a great reason for using blueprints. 

We are using blueprints across the state now for a variety of reasons. Your journey and sharing via the community before, during and after really helped us to get started. Thank you!

Community Champion

Bobby, thank you so much for your kind works!

Community Contributor

This comment is not just for you,  @lindalee ‌, but for everyone who presents at the Instructure conferences: Please repeat the question being asked so your response can be understood in context, or understood at all. Joe Allen did this in his InstructureCarn presentation to great effect. I thought the show organizers would provide a presentation crib sheet to all the presenters, and maybe now after reading this, they will.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Canvas Blueprint courses at the Wharton school. What a great test environment for those of us at the K-12 levels to learn from!



Community Champion

Hi Ron Marx,

You are absolutely right. And I want to acknowledge that the organizers DID ask us to repeat the questions before answering them. The fault here is mine, and I regret that I neglected to do that in the moment. I think I remembered to start repeating the questions about mid-way through the Q&A section. (I won't try to offer excuses about anxiety and being overwhelmed in the moment, though those were definitely factors!)

All presenters, in whatever context, need to do this. It helps both in the recordings and in the moment -- for other audience members who may not have heard the question, and to let the questioner know what you thought was being asked.

Thanks again for the reminder.



Linda, such grace and humility in your response here.  Thanks for being an awesome human.  We're all human and get flustered sometimes, so no need to apologize for that!  

Community Contributor

Following you for some time, Linda, I didn't see any nervousness or fluster in the video. Your down-to-earth approach to very technical issues and considerations made your session very watchable. I just wanted to know what was asked so I could understand your one- and two-word 'you're correct' answers!


Community Participant

Thank you for sharing your experience. Hearing the course numbers was pretty amazing! A little bit different in our small high school!