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Roll; it's your turn. Game Night 2018!

Two of my favorite things: Instructurecon and boardgames.

When I was a kid, my cousins from New Hampshire came down to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and would stay over at my parents’ house with us for the long weekend to hang out with me and my brother. We’d stay up all night eating leftovers and playing board games. We spread out across the kitchen and dining room for cutthroat Monopoly marathons, painfully aggressive Parcheesi tournaments, and brutal Backgammon duels that are still talked about now, decades later.

Today, myself and a fluctuating group of friends dating back to high school, get together for boardgames following Thanksgiving day activities. The list of games has changed tremendously; instead of Monopoly we play Splendor; instead of Parcheesi, it’s Settlers of Catan; and two-player Backgammon has made way for group strategy games like Pandemic, Wits n’ Wagers, and Mysterium. 

When I started working at Instructure, I was thrilled to find a community of gamers among employees and customers. A "game night" seemed like a natural fit for Instructurecon, so the idea was pitched, accepted and, since the launch of Game Night at Instcon ’15, it has become an annual favorite. 

About Game Night

Location: Castle Peak I-IV, Conference Center (Second Floor)  
Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 
Time: 8 - 11 PM (MT) 
Providing: Healthy snacks + cash bar
2nd floor, Conf Center

Not sure what to expect? View these blog posts, reviews and comments from fellow Instcon Game Night participants:

Kicking off Game Night 2017
Game Night 2017 at Warren Station in River Run Village. Photo by post author. 

Games people play 

7 Wonders
Carcassonne: South Seas
Dixit Board Game
Escape: The Curse of the Temple
King of Tokyo
Love Letter (various editions)
Ticket To Ride (US Edition)
Tsuro (various editions)
Wits & Wagers

YES! you are welcome to bring your own!! We cannot provide storage, however, so plan to carry it with you to/from the event. 

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Community Champion

Woot! Game night lives again! I think I'm going to try to bring Dominion this time, though I'm looking forward to 7 Wonders and maybe trying Splendor. Of course Carcassonne is always fun...  ...gonna be a long night!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Spendor is fantastic!  There's a relatively new expansion (released in 2017) that contain four separate smaller expansions that can be added to the game.  The rules are pretty easy to learn!  One of my favorites!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Sounds fun!  Hoping to make an appearance and see what people are playing.  My boardgame back-log is many good games out there right now.  A few of my favorites are "Arkham Horror: The Card Game", "Lord of the Rings: The Card Game", "Islebound", "Splendor", "Carcassonne", "7 Wonders", "Hotshots", "Kingdomino", "Unfair", "Istanbul", and "Imperial Settlers".  (Sorry, I won't be bringing all of these.  LOL!)


Thank you,  @tdelillo ‌ for mentioning Game Night in your blog post and for adding it to your conference agenda! Also, very very glad your chancellor approved. Smiley Happy 

Community Champion

Hey, that story is 100% true. He was like "Game night????". LOL.

Community Contributor

I am so excited about this - I missed it last year but it's on the books for this one! Might bring Settlers of Catan or Forbidden Island...


Hi gamers!

Just a quick update re location --- We're looking to get Game Night set up in the same building as the kickoff keynote, dinner and opening party so you won't have to go far between the events.

The location has changed each year at Keystone as we aim to find the best/most logical place to game. We're not intentionally trying to make Finding Game Night a game in itself; we're just trying to find the best place. Smiley Happy 

Just wanted to give you the heads-up because I know you are all planning your activity calendars down to the last minute. 

your pal, carrie

Community Champion

This is quite tempting and I may have to join. I love playing tabletop games and have played all of the ones listed above. It can help make up for missing my normal family game night on that Tues night as well.

Please come by! - stop in, check it out, play a round or two, or stay all night!