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The Amazing, Dangerous, Untamed Blueprint!

Christin Deville


Are Blueprints just templates? How do Blueprints work and what can they do for your Canvas instance? What can UI users do with Blueprints versus back-end system admins? How to Automate applying Blueprints to courses in Canvas. What dangerous pitfalls should you try to avoid when attempting to tame Blueprints?


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First ever presentation!! Well done  @cdeville ‌!!

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Great use of metaphors to explain what blueprints are and how they work,  @cdeville ‌. Thank you!

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I'll be using the window moving explanation tomorrow! Thank you Christin Deville. Great presentation. 

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You've all been super supportive and I appreciate it! I had fun putting this together and thank you all for being such a wonderful in-person and online audience!