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When will we hear more about InstructureCon 2019???????

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SO EXCITED for InstructureCon Long Beach, CA. I want to get my hotel room reserved, and take a cruise after the conference....and plan other fun stuff. (I'm a planning nerd). Any idea when we will learn more about next year's event????

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InstructureCon 2019

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Thanks Stefanie Smiley Happy

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Community Team
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Looks like registration is open ... any news on accommodations?  

Instructurecon 2019 

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I sure hope so (lodging discount). I just checked the regular prices in July, and it's about twice the per diem rate. Yikes!

 @straussi ‌ and  @fosterl , we expect to have information on lodging on the website by the end of the week.

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Thanks Stefanie, you always keep us updated!

 @mjennings ‌ (tagging you from your comment on Twitter)


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I'm new to Canvas this year, is the agenda for the conference usually published after registration opens? I need to decide if it's worth it for me to attend.

 @jbelliotti ‌, here's a belated welcome to Canvas! Yes, the agenda will be published later, most likely in late March.

We're currently in the Call for Proposals stage, which ends on February 22. After that, we will evaluate the proposals, make selections, contact the presenters, and then we will be able to finalize the agenda.