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When will we hear more about InstructureCon 2019???????

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SO EXCITED for InstructureCon Long Beach, CA. I want to get my hotel room reserved, and take a cruise after the conference....and plan other fun stuff. (I'm a planning nerd). Any idea when we will learn more about next year's event????

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InstructureCon 2019

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 @rbagent ,

In the past, Instructure started to release information about the upcoming conference in January.  I would start looking for information around that time.


January is almost done....will we hear information soon? I was looking at hotels and many are already completely booked...gulp. Any chance we might have enough people who want to go on a Mexico cruise after the conference to get a group discount price?????

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Hi there,

Do you know if there will be a hotel group rate somewhere?

traciebosket, there always has been in the past. My guess is that this information will come out sometime this month or early January. 🙂


Thanks Kona

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I sure hope so (lodging discount). I just checked the regular prices in July, and it's about twice the per diem rate. Yikes!

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I've been stalking this as well - can't wait!

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Here is a link to the blog about the conference. Maybe they will be posting an update soon.

InstructureCon Hits the (Long) Beach / Canvas LMS Blog 

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Hi All,

I have a general comment.


It would be so helpful to plan InstructureCon for June instead of July. I think that for a lot of schools the fiscal year ends on June 30th. That means that we cannot purchase tickets or travel until the new budget starts on July 1st. That means that it takes only a week or so to prepare all of that. A lot of districts do not approve and/or arrange that so quickly. The only option is that our faculty, or designers, pay for everything by themselves and wait for a reimbursement. Many people are not willing to do that, which means that the people that we would like to go, will not be able to go. Food for thought.


stefaniesanders do you know who I can tag/group to send this to? stefaniesanders

traciebosket‌ Please send your comments to

Thanks Stefanie Smiley Happy

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Instructure Alumni

Everyone, the website and registration are now live! Instructurecon | Canvas Instructure | Edtech conferences 2019 

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Looks like registration is open ... any news on accommodations?  

Instructurecon 2019 

 @straussi ‌ and  @fosterl , we expect to have information on lodging on the website by the end of the week.

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Thanks Stefanie, you always keep us updated!

 @mjennings ‌ (tagging you from your comment on Twitter)


I am working on making travel arrangements and was wondering about hotels - any word on this?



kylecage‌, we are still in the process of working with a number of hotels and will have information up on the website as soon as it is available, so keep checking. In the meantime, if you need to secure your lodging reservations right away, just mention Instructure | InstructureCon.

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I'm new to Canvas this year, is the agenda for the conference usually published after registration opens? I need to decide if it's worth it for me to attend.

 @jbelliotti ‌, here's a belated welcome to Canvas! Yes, the agenda will be published later, most likely in late March.

We're currently in the Call for Proposals stage, which ends on February 22. After that, we will evaluate the proposals, make selections, contact the presenters, and then we will be able to finalize the agenda.

Just to tag on stefaniesanders, is there going to be a "general" agenda prior to the full schedule. In years past this included general timelines of the days, meals that were provided, etc. I know i have to provide that when I submit my paperwork for approval. 

And for what it's worth, last year since the Unconference was listed on it I was able to get approval for the extra day.

See last years here -> Dropbox - Schedule - Instructurecon 2018.pdf 

Yes indeed,  @mjennings , we expect to have a general agenda available on the above-linked website on or around February 4 (2019, of course; being mindful of posterity here).

 @jbelliotti ‌ - Welcome to the community!! Even without the agenda, I think everyone out here would agree that this conference is most definitely worth it.

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Hi Joe,

Welcome to the community!  Since it will be a bit before you can see information about 2019...I thought you might like to see what some of the presentations were like in 2018.

InstructureCon 2018 Videos

Let me know if this link doesn't work for you.

Have a great day and don't be afraid to ask all of these wonderful Canvasites.  They were so helpful to me the first time that I attended!

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I have Northern Hemisphere envy right now  @rbagent . Hoping we have the remote attendance opportunities that were so kindly provided last year. 

I had HORRIBLE altitude sickness at last year's event. The virtual presentations saved me! 

 @rbagent , I won't need to be updating my Keystone altitude blog this year:

305731_long beach.png

stefaniesanders‌, I thought about you and all the altitude hints when they announced Long Beach! Major relief here on the other coast ...


Yep,  @straussi ‌, high-five to you from across the state! Here's me: I think we might be sinking...


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If you need to move InstructureCon to the Carnival Splendor (cruise ship) because there aren't available hotel would be ok with me. 🙂 Cheaper than staying at a hotel.

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Will they recognize my Carnival Points VFIP status? That'd be cool 😉

VIFP perks combined with a significant group discount would be VERY nice. All meals would be covered, and there are lots of meeting rooms where we could host breakout sessions.

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Of course, the Splendor is supposed to be somewhere around Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas during InstructureCon ... bon voyage ...

Yeah...sigh....people would have to arrive on the 6th for sailing. Oh well...Nice to dream.

Wait....An InstructureCon Cruise.  OMG...that would be amazing!!!!  There are other tech cruises that happen all the time.  This is TOTALLY doable!   @Renee_Carney ‌, are you reading this?! We must get this into the proper hands for future ideas!  :smileygrin:

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I wish there was a LOOOOVE button!

Totally not representing Instructure in any way when saying this (speaking for myself here) but I could totally see the good ship Instructurecon as a possible way to keep that off away from everything else feeling that we have tried so hard to maintain as the conference has grown over the past nine years.  Food for thought, indeed.